Jake Brenner

Jake Brenner

Company: University of Pennsylvania

Job title: Associate Director & Assistant Professor - Medicine


Leveraging Animal Models for Comprehensive Immunogenicity & Toxicity Assessment 9:30 am

Administering the therapeutic intervention to animal models and monitoring their immune responses, including cytokine production, immune cell activation, and antibody generation Assessing the biodistribution of the therapeutic intervention in animal models using imaging techniques or tissue sampling Evaluating the potential systemic and local toxic effects of the therapeutic intervention in animal models through histopathology, organ…Read more

day: Day Two AM

Panel Discussion: Assessing Different Routes of Administration for Optimal Safety Profiles and Therapeutic Effects 1:45 pm

Experts in this panel discussion will delve into various routes of administration across topical, intramuscular, inhalation, intranodal, intranasal, intraocular, intratumoral, intravesical Assessing the effectiveness of each route of administration in delivering the desired therapeutic effect Evaluating the safety profile of different routes of administration, considering potential adverse effects and risks Considering the ease of administration…Read more

day: Day One

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