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What Did You Miss at the 2nd LNP Immunogenicity & Toxicity Summit?

The LNP Immunogenicity & Toxicity Summit brought together novel insights from Pfizer, BioNTech, Bayer, Sanofi, Glycomine, Merck and Co, Notto Biopharma (and many more!) to help expand your knowledge base and equip you with essential insights to take back to your teams.

With a lack of official regulatory guidance it is pertinent that industry experts gather to share ideas to ensure they are accurately measuring immuno-tox of their LNP for regulatory IND filing, and ultimately achieving regulatory approval to move swiftly along the pipeline.

With a unique agenda designed specifically on the hottest topics requested from the industry experts, this December was your opportunity to analyze your LNP with precise PKPD, biodistribution, immune response for applications in gtx therapy, vaccination and much more!

2023 Attending Companies Include:

LNP Immuno

What You Missed:

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HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon
HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon
HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon

Deep dive with Pfizer on how to evaluate safety and reactogenicity of a therapeutic interventions

Develop a deeper understanding of selecting appropriate animal models to accurately assess immunogenicity and toxicity with experts from University of Pennsylvania

Understand the essential attributes to consider during analysis of the impact of PEG antibodies on clinical data with Glycomine Inc

Improve your understanding of LNP Composition on Immunogenicity potency assay with University of South Carolina

Sophie Tourdot
Jan Diekmann
Joanna Grudzinska

Sophie Tourdot, Immunogenicity Sciences Lead, Pfizer

Who will be leading a session on – Approaches to Immunogenicity Risk Assessment of mRNA-LNP Products to further deepen your understanding on addressing specific regulatory guidelines for the identification and mitigation of unwanted immunogenicity risk factors for LNP-mRNA products for accelerated regulatory approval.

Jan Diekmann, Senior Director Non- Clinical Safety, BioNTech

Who will be leading a session on – Preclinical Safety Evaluation of mRNA Cancer Therapeutics: A Platform Approach which explores toxicity data of an RNA-LNP platform facilitating various RNA payloads to show a comparable safety profile in non-clinical safety studies which aids your understanding in enhanced patient safeguarding.

Joanna Grudzinska-Goebel, DMPK Project Lead, Bayer

Who will be leading a session on – Immunogenicity Risk Assessment of mRNA/LNP Therapies which emphasizes the impact of immunogenicity risk assessment on the bioanalytical monitoring strategy for all mRNA/LNP components during development to help unlock your therapeutic potential.

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