Optimizing Repeat Dosing & Widening The Therapeutic Window

Time: 9:00 am
day: Pre-Conference Day Track B AM


It is important to address key considerations and strategies for optimizing repeat dosing and widening the therapeutic window of an LNP based therapeutic intervention. By carefully evaluating pharmacokinetics, individualizing dosing strategies, and leveraging innovative approaches, we can enhance treatment outcomes while maintaining safety and tolerability. Continuous monitoring and collaboration with regulatory agencies are also crucial for ensuring the longterm benefit-risk balance of the therapy.

Throughout this workshop, we will uncover:

  • Understanding PKPD of the therapeutic intervention: Evaluating the rate of clearance, distribution, and target engagement to determine the optimal dosing regimen for repeat administration
  • Assessing safety and tolerability: Monitoring and evaluating any potential cumulative toxicity or adverse effects associated with repeat dosing, to maximize therapeutic window
  • Pharmacogenomics considerations: Considering genetic variations that may impact drug metabolism, response, or tolerability when determining the appropriate repeat dosing regimen for individual patients
  • Dose escalation and de-escalation: Adjusting the dose based on the patient’s response and tolerability to optimize efficacy while minimizing the risk of toxicity or suboptimal treatment outcomes
  • Biomarker-guided dosing: Utilizing biomarkers or surrogate endpoints to guide dosing decisions and assess treatment response, enabling more precise dosing adjustments