Modulating Immunogenicity at The Design Phase

Time: 9:00 am
day: Pre-Conference Day Track A AM


Addressing immunogenicity at the design phase plays a crucial role in enhancing therapeutic outcomes and reducing adverse reactions. The design phase offers opportunities to optimize the selection and design of therapeutic targets, considering factors such as antigenicity and immune recognition. This session provides immune

evasion strategies can be incorporated into the therapeutic intervention design, aimed at reducing immune activation and promoting tolerogenic responses.

Join us in this interactive workshop to learn about:

  • Incorporating immune evasion strategies into the design of therapeutic interventions to reduce immunogenicity
  • Optimizing the selection and design of the therapeutic target to minimize the potential for immune recognition and response
  • Modifying the composition or structure of the therapeutic payload or delivery system to enhance biocompatibility and reduce immune activation
  • Utilizing alternative delivery systems, such as stealth nanoparticles or viral vectors with reduced immunogenicity, to minimize immune recognition
  • Conducting comprehensive in vitro and in vivo immunogenicity assessments during the design phase to identify and address potential immune triggers