Confidently Predict LNP Immunogenicity & Safety Profiles to Maximize The Therapeutic Window & Optimize Translatability Into The Clinic
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Analyze Your LNP with Precise PKPD, Biodistribution, Immune Response for Applications in GTx Therapy, Vaccination & Beyond

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HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon
HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon
HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon
HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon
HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon
HW220702 LNP Immunogenicity and Toxicity logo Favicon

Robust analysis of LNPs to unpick driving factors behind immune response and immune cell engagement

Preclinical models from in vitro, animal models and 3D tissue models to optimize translatability into the clinic

Understanding of LNP immunogenicity and toxicity read-outs in relation to application of vaccine, gene therapy and chronic disease

Advanced immunogenicity models to minimize anti-PEG response, and PEG alternatives to minimize adverse effects

Widened therapeutic windows and well understood dose limiting toxicities for maximal efficacious benefit

Evaluation of the LNP-payload complex beyond mRNA for next-generation development

In collaboration with Pfizer, BioNTech, Sanofi and Bayer, this 3-day summit will unite senior leaders dedicated to understanding and predicting the next wave of LNP’s immunogenicity and toxicity challenges, to support drug developers to ensure smooth filing with long-term patient safety in mind.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Hicham Alaoui

Chief Scientific Officer


Jan Diekmann

Senior Director Non-clinical Safety


Joanna Grudzinska

Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics Project Manager

Bayer AG

Maja Sedic

Director, Toxicology

ReNAgade Therapeutics

Maria-Dolores Vazquez-Abad

Medicine Team Lead, Clinical Immunogenicity


Olga Lihoradova

Distinguished Scientist


Sophie Tourdot

Immunogenicity Sciences Lead


Virna Cortez-Retamozo

Head Of Group Onco-Pharmacology


Bring Your Immunogenicity and Toxicity Colleagues:

Workshop A – Modulating Immunogenicity at The Design Phase

Learn how immune evasion strategies can be incorporated into the therapeutic intervention design, aimed at reducing immune activation and promoting tolerogenic responses

Speaker - Daryl Drummond, Chief Scientific Officer, Akagera Medicines

Workshop B – Striking the Balance Between Wanted & Unwanted Immunogenicity

Strike a balance between wanted and unwanted immunogenicity relating to your disease indication & patient population

Speaker - Zohreh Amoozgar Principal Scientist & Head of Lab, Sanofi

Workshop C – Optimizing Repeat Dosing & Widening the Therapeutic Window

Evaluates pharmacokinetics, individualizing dosing strategies to enhance treatment outcomes while maintaining safety and tolerability

Speaker - Esmaiel Jabbari, Professor, University of South Carolina

Workshop D – Evaluating Potential Immunogenic Adverse Events and Characterizing Anti-Drug Antibodies, and Their Impact on Potential Immunogenic Adverse Events

Clear examples for characterizing anti-drug antibody (ADA) outcomes in clinical trials and assessing their impact on significant clinical results in line with regulatory expectations and immunogenicity guidelines

Speaker - Maria–Dolores Vazquez–Abad, Team Lead, Clinical Immunogenicity & Medicine, Pfizer

Group Discounts:

10% discount - 3 delegates
15% discount - 4 delegates
20% discount - 5 or more delegates

*Please note that discounts are only valid when three or more delegates from one company book and pay at the same time. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Only one discount offer may be applied to the current pricing rate.

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