Company: Bionavigen

Job title: President Chief Executive Officer


Impact of LNP Based Therapies on Off-Target Effects for Targeted Therapeutic Interventions 3:00 pm

Investigating the potential off-target effects of LNP delivery systems in therapeutic interventions Assessing unintended interactions and effects of LNPs with non-target cells or tissues Investigating the potential immunogenicity triggered by off-target effects of LNPs, leading to unwanted immune responsesRead more

day: Day Two

Optimizing Repeat Dosing & Widening The Therapeutic Window 9:00 am

It is important to address key considerations and strategies for optimizing repeat dosing and widening the therapeutic window of an LNP based therapeutic intervention. By carefully evaluating pharmacokinetics, individualizing dosing strategies, and leveraging innovative approaches, we can enhance treatment outcomes while maintaining safety and tolerability. Continuous monitoring and collaboration with regulatory agencies are also crucial…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day Track B AM

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